2016 AMA Pro Numbers

The AMA has released pro numbers for the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship and supercross seasons. The full list from #1-99 is below, but first, here’s a few notes on the process itself and the most notable number changes for 2016 and beyond.

  • Riders who earn a championship will race the #1 plate when competing in that class the following year. For the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, Ryan Dungey will have the #1 plate in the 450 Class, while Jeremy Martin will retain the #1 in the 250 Class for a second straight year.
  • Riders who earn a national championship are able to choose a single-digit career number. No new single-digit numbers were awarded this season, but several new numbers will now be available for use in future years. More on this later.
  • Riders who finish in the top ten in combined points for both motocross and supercross are eligible to choose a double-digit career number. Only two riders earned new career numbers this year, and they both elected to keep the numbers they ran this past season: Jason Anderson (#21) and Joey Savatgy (#37).
  • Riders who finish outside the top ten in combined points and do not already have a career number are ranked in order and then assigned the lowest available double-digit number. Jessy Nelson was the highest-ranking rider without a career number and opted to take #13. Because of superstitions associated with that number, the AMA gives riders the option to pass on #13 and take the next available number instead, something that many riders have historically done. The last rider to wear #13 was Blake Wharton in 2013.
  • Any rider with a career number must earn at least 25 points next season to keep that number, although exceptions are granted for injury. Riders who lost their career numbers this year were Ryan Villopoto (#2), Ivan Tedesco (#9) and Michael Byrne (#26).

On to the full list below. Riders with a career number are denoted with an asterisk; those with an already-existing career number are italicized, while riders with new career numbers for 2015 are listed in bold.

1 (450MX): Ryan Dungey
1 (450SX): Ryan Dungey
1 (250MX): Jeremy Martin
1 (250SX West): Cooper Webb
1 (250SX East): Marvin Musquin
3*: Eli Tomac
4*: Blake Baggett
5*: Ryan Dungey
6*: Jeremy Martin
7*: James Stewart
10*: Justin Brayton
11*: Kyle Chisholm
12*: Jake Weimer

13: Jessy Nelson
14*: Cole Seely
15*: Dean Wilson
16*: Zach Osborne
17*: Cooper Webb
18*: David Millsaps
19*: Justin Bogle
20*: Broc Tickle

21**: Jason Anderson
22*: Chad Reed
23: Aaron Plessinger
24*: Brett Metcalfe
25*: Marvin Musquin

26: Alex Martin
27*: Nick Wey
28: Weston Peick
29*: Andrew Short
30: Shane McElrath
31: RJ Hampshire
32: Matthew Bisceglia
33*: Josh Grant
34: Phillip Nicoletti
35: Chris Alldredge
36: Justin Hill
37**: Joey Savatgy
38: Christian Craig
39: Jordon Smith
40: Kyle Peters
41*: Trey Canard
42: Mitchell Oldenburg
43: Fredrik Noren
44: Adam Cianciarulo
45: Kyle Cunningham
46: Luke Renzland
47: Thomas Hahn
48: Anthony Rodriquez
49: Martin Davalos
50: Malcolm Stewart
51*: Justin Barcia
52: Ben Lamay
53: Tyler Bowers
54: Wil Hahn
55: Vince Friese
56: Jackson Richardson
57: Josh Hansen
58: James Decotis
59: Jace Owen
60: Matthew Lemoine
61: Gannon Audette
62: Justin Starling
63: Jesse Wentland
64: Dakota Alix
65: Zachary Bell
66: Arnaud Tonus
67: Killian Rusk
68: Cole Martinez
69: Colt Nichols
70: Tony Archer
71: Kyle Partridge
72: Hayden Mellross
73: Nick Gaines
74: Ryan Sipes
75*: Josh Hill
76: Scott Champion
77: Zackery Freeberg
78: Daniel Baker
79: Nicholas Schmidt
80: Zachary Williams
81: Jason Brooks
82: Trevor Reis
83: Daniel Herrlein
84: Jimmy Albertson
85: Michael Leib
86: AJ Catanzaro
87: Austin Politelli
88: Ronnie Stewart
89: Marshal Weltin
90: John Short
91: Brandon Scharer
92: Ryan Breece
93: Colton Facciotti
94*: Ken Roczen
95: Dustin Pipes
96: Noah McConahy
97: Tevin Tapia
98: Darian Sanayei
99: Heath Harrison
377*: Christophe Pourcel
800*: Mike Alessi