Save the date for the 2018 TENNESSEE PRO National Motocross at Muddy Creek Raceway on June 22-23-24 for the only LUCAS Oil PRO National in the South.

There’s a proud history for motocross in the Southeast, and much of that history unfolded on the soil of Muddy Creek Raceway. The track only joined the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross schedule in 2013, but many of the top riders on the circuit were already familiar with it from days spent racing there in the amateur ranks.

Even at the pro National, the track offers its family-friendly feel. From the small towns surrounding the track to the deep rows of trucks, trailers and motorhomes in the amateur pits, Muddy Creek Raceway retains its familiar feel. Well, until the gate drops, and today’s top riders and equipment slice up the track, pushing the pace, jumping higher and faster than ever before. That’s when you know this track is ready for its date on the big stage.

And what a stage it is! Muddy Creek weaves in and out of a valley, and offers several tight 180-degree turns that are perfect for passing. On the high speed sections, riders air out huge jumps, from a series of table tops in front of the spectators, to The Bomber uphill triple, the obstacles on pro day aren’t for the faint of heart. The track offers such good racing that several motos have come down to the final turn of the last lap. If you come to witness some Southeastern motocross history first hand, you won’t be disappointed.